Among Us Game Online Free

Among Us PS4

Among Us PS4

This fantastic game is breaking all records in popularity now. And this is not a huge surprise, because it is exciting, wonderful and very simple, which means everyone can play it. This is a multiplayer project, so you and all your friends enjoy it together without any problem.

The crew of 10 people leaves Earth on modern spacecraft. Unfortunately, some systems stop working, so you need time and afford to return back home. Many interesting tasks will bring you to this aim closer. It is a parody of popular board game, where one person from group turns out to be an impostor.

Among Us has the same plot, but all actions unfold in space. And it also has its impostor, whose mission is to kill everyone and prevent crew from going home. Mechanic is impressive and simple at the same time. After you found dead crewmate, you can report about it and discuss who is the real traitor. But even if you saw it with your own eyes but can’t persuade people, nobody will believe you. Come test yourself in this awesome action.

Developers always add something new. The latest updates contained new detailed maps, new difficult tasks and cool outfits for your character. Now people are asking for PS4 version of it. Nintendo Switch users also want to try it on their devices. On the official page on the Internet, people request to release it on Xbox. So developers have a lot of work ahead of them. Always check news to not to miss special upgrades.

Good news is, here you are able to try Among Us with full access on any device. This free game is available for all your friends, who want to test yourself in unusual conditions. Everybody suspects each other. You shouldn’t trust even your close buddies. But the victory is worth it.